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Star Trek: Defiant #11 review

Nymira loses two thousands strips of Latinum in a gambit designed to draw Benny out from hiding. She must also face a Gorn and for this, Worf attempts to train her in combat. Worf faces the Gorn and wins. They assault his compound and capture him. Back on the bridge, the crew revolt. They refuse to follow Worf any longer. Worf announces the crew of the Defiant is disbanded. While there is a lot going on in this issue it feels... unfocused. The mob aspect should be fun, but it comes off as stuff we've seen before and done better in other episodes. Worf fighting a Gorn should be the centrepiece, IMO, of the issue but it feels like a throwaway idea. I do enjoy the crew refusing to follow Worf. This feels like a natural result of their missions and everything they have experienced since issue one. six out of ten.

Duke #2 review

Story : At a junkyard, Duke meets up with an old childhood friend of his, Lance "Clutch" Steinberg and Duke explains the events from last issue to him. Clutch helps Duke by cleaning up and bandaging his wounds and then looks at the device Dr. Adele Burkhart had left him and is able to activate, which shows a map with a glowing dot. After that happens, Destro, sitting in his office, is notified of something. Before Duke and Clutch can leave, they are fired upon by Craig "Rock 'N Roll" McConnel, who uses drones to lead them to Lonzo "Stalker" Wilkinson (which Duke is aware of both men). Duke and Clutch are captured and held in "The Pit", an old decommissioned base, where another prisoner (with a female with glasses and long, black hair) mentions that maybe the three of them can work together. Writing : I like how this story is going. Duke knows, by reputation, who some of these (assumed to be future) G.I. Joe members are. After all, the G

Conan: The Shadow of Vengeance review

eBook by Scott Oden Cover once again by E. M. Gist  From Titan Books and Heroic Signatures Oden? The dude who wrote the introduction to "Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures" AND THE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND CONAN UNCONQUERED Deluxe Edition exclusive 9000-word ebook set during the events of Black Colossus using the Yaralet fragment? Yes, the one and the same. Spoilers! Spoilers!  A sequel to Robert E. Howard's The Devil in Iron. While awaiting his new city lord from Aghrapur, the reticent new regent of Khawarizm, old Ghaznavi is enjoying expensive wine from Kyros in his study. Karash Khan, the shapeshifting leader of The Nine (The dude has 8 Sicari "brothers". Get it?) appears. The former counsellor of Turan desires to avenge his fallen lord, Jehungir Agha (killed by Conan in Devil in Iron on Xapur, an island on the Vilayet Sea).  To get his payback, Ghaznavi promises to turn over The temple of Erlik to the Sicari, a splinter cult of Erlik. Our Cimmerian comman

Star Trek: Picard's Academy #5 review

Confronted with the Romulans, Picard and Resh bicker about the proper course of action and who is in charge.  The crew refuse to listen to Picard and he is aggravated with the breakdown in command and their lack of faith in him.  Later, Picard saves Resh from an exploding console and this forces him to realize he was wrong.  The crew put their hands together for a 'Go team!' moment. I've tried to give this mini a chance but it increasingly gets on my nerves.  The cutesy pie, low stakes, and inane dialogue just grates on my nerves.  Resh is one of those characters you encounter from time to time in media that exists to cause a problem for the protagonist.  He has little other characterization.  The one thing that made me laugh was the Romulans trapped in a modern grocery store, wishing for death.  That got a chuckle.  Again, I feel this mini is best for young readers.  Even the old Star Trek: The Next Generation - Starfleet Academy books from thirty years ago were better wri

Universal Monsters: Dracula #4 review

Renfield relates his experiences at Castle Dracula. Mina refuses any of the safety measures Van Helsing has developed. She is under Dracula's thrall. Renfield enters Carfax Abbey to find Dracula and Mina there... but as Van Helsing and the others approach Dracula thinks Renfield has betrayed him and kills Renfield. Van Helsing finds the vampire in his coffin and drives a steak into his chest. Renfield's story at the beginning of this issue is, from the novel, the experiences of Jonathan Harker. In the end this, the final issue of this mini, ends up being more about Renfield than Dracula or Mina. I find this interesting. Especially how they have given him Jonathan's backstory. As usual, the art here is beautiful. Especially the pages splashed and slashed with red. eight out of ten.

Star Trek: Defiant Annual 2024 review

Sela takes possession of Time Travel technology and ends up in the past... face to face with her mother. They go through a mine field and save each other from attack. Tasha is eventually returned to her ship and has little memory of the encounter. Sela sets course for the Defiant. Picard in command of the April? This comes out of the blue. Most novels and comics do not place Picard in command of a ship between Stargazer and Enterprise D. Honestly, I prefer the events of the novel The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett to fill that gap. This was an ok issue. I would have liked more interaction between Tasha and Sela. If Tasha is going to forget everything, why not let them have a deeper conversation and let Sela learn something. I did enjoy the Romulan intrigue at the beginning of this comic. Could have used more of that to be honest. I guess I expected more from an annual but I guess the trend for the past ten years or so seems to be a throw away story for an annual. Or

Another Cobra Commander #1 review

Co-BRAAAAA? Yup! This is Cobra Commander # 1, a brand-new comic series published by Skybound Entertainment and (shockingly) starring the guy who Destro once referred to as a world-class buffoon, Cobra Commander! With Robert Kirkman’s Void Rivals having launched Skybound’s new Energon Universe, G.I. Joe is the second Hasbro property to take its place in this new world after Transformers. Rather than a typical G.I. Joe team book, they’ve opted to do solo Cobra Commander and Duke books to lead it off. This first issue is a ground-up origin tale for Cobra Commander, written by Joshua Williamson (who is also writing Duke), penciled by Andrea Milana, and with colors by Annalisa Leoni. The Energon Universe version of Cobra Commander is a take on the character that draws more heavily from the Sunbow cartoon than the Marvel comic, but contains elements of both portrayals. Oh and also, there might be some minor tie-in to Transformers in here too… Co-bra-LALALALALALALALALALA??? That’s right, the

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #303 review

Creators : Larry Hama (Writer), Chris Mooneyham (Artist), Francesco Segala (Colorist), Sabrina Del Grosso (Flatter), Pat Brosseau (Letter) Plot : On Cobra Island, Revanche meets with the mutated Serpentor and wants to team up and offers their services to upgrade the mutants into cyborgs. At the Pit, Duke realizes that the Revanche/Serpentor team will end up attacking the Pit so he has Spirit up the defence. In Springfield, a girl named Dawn returns to her family, though all may not be as it seems. Back at the Pit, the Joes are counter-spying on some of Serpentor's new, enhanced, troops as they are spying on the Pit and they debate on what to do. Meanwhile, at Snake-Eye's cabin in the Rockies, some more of Serpentor's forces attack Snake-Eyes and Scarlett, though find them to be difficult opponents. Back at Cobra Island, Alpha-001, Dr. Mindbender, and Serpentor watch a final broadcast from the troops, showing Scarlett and Snake-Eyes down, before it cuts out. Story : Events a

Cobra Commander #1 review

Creators : Joshua Williamson (Writer), Andrea Milana (Artist), Annalisa Leoni (Colorist), Rus Wooton (Letterer) Plot : At a snow-cover truck stop, Cobra Commander walks in, demands a vehicle and follows a man out, kills him and takes his ride. In a flashback, we are presented with Cobra-La and its citizens are storming a science hall because the scientists are dealing with non-organic research. One scientist tells the others to retreat, but is killed by (the yet unnamed) Cobra Commander who tells the others to fight back. However, one of his fellow scientists fails to throw a grenade and it explodes, injuring the Commander. He is healed but is scarred and is retrieved by Pythona, who tells him to wear a mask. They meet with Golobulus, the leader of Cobra-La, who hints at Cobra Commander's origins while explaining Cobra-La's views and how Cobra Commander brought "blasphemous" technology into the city and accusing Cobra Commander of leaking what they were doing to th

Star Trek #16 review

The wounded Sisko is attended to by multiple EMHs. He is informed by Admiral Sato that the situation has grown worse and the Cardassians are massing a fleet to deal with the Tzenkethi. The Theseus leaves to meet the Cardassian fleet and Sisko puts First Speaker Daman on notice. Meanwhile, Scotty and Dr. Crusher explore beneath the surface of the planet. They determine the Tzenkethi homeworld will soon explode. The Scotty and Crusher subplot feels like an afterthought here. And as important as the revelation is, it shouldn't be. The scenes between Harry and Ensign Sato feel a bit forced. And once again Harry reminds us he was an Ensign for seven years. Once was enough. seven out of ten.

Godzilla: War for Humanity #3 review

Transformers #4 (2023) review

Time to roll out? Of course! With Robert Kirkman’s Void Rivals having launched Skybound’s new Energon Universe, noted writer/artist rolled-into-one Daniel Warren Johnson takes the reins on the linchpin of this new initiative, a brand-new Transformers comic series! In this fourth issue, while Spike Witwicky’s life hangs in the balance, an injured Optimus Prime must take on the Decepticons, but will he do the unthinkable when Ratchet presents him with a possible edge to tip the balance of power? Also, someone does a wrestling move again. The unthinkable, huh. Well, maybe not “unthinkable”, but it was certainly a surprising moment in what has been a fairly predictable story for me so far! This fourth issue sees DWJ take some more risks and produce some surprises as the struggle between the Autobots and Decepticons becomes ever more desperate. It’s pretty welcome for a longtime fan to see something that I wasn’t expecting (although admittedly HAVE seen before) in this Transformers story. A

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - The Scorpius Run #5 review

The Enterprise, broken into pieces, floats in space. Pike and the bridge crew try to get a handle on the situation... but Mr. Spock manages to restore the ship. Eventually, they manage a work around the rules of the race. Only one ship can win, so the remaining ships fuse together and win. The different aliens work together and save the day. This was a mess. The destroyed Enterprise floating in space is... absurd. It makes the nitpicker in me scream internally. How does this even work? And no one died? Then the ship gets fused back together... and the other ships join as well. It's silly. It's like something from an old cartoon. You even have the main villain shouting "This I command!" like he's Serpentor or something. This entire mini was a waste of time. But at least the art was nice. five out of ten.