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Swamp Thing: Green Hell review

Yes, I slogged through Jeff Lemire's boggy story. A tale that ignored its target audience. Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, not Alec Holland as advertised, is brought back to our realm in a post-apocalyptic future to fight an evil, goofy looking Swamp avatar and masses of gruesome monsters. That's pretty much it. Why was such a simple story told in 3 expensive Black Label books? I have no clue. Actually, I do, it's called: Green aka Money. What I did NOT like: NO Anton Arcane!!! A forgettable, unimaginative villain. A vulnerable avatar of the green. That weird perverted paradise dimension where Swamp Thing "lives" with his forever young wife and child. His wife still with him and his daughter not a full grown woman insults long time Swamp Thing readers. I much prefer the more credible retired “My Blue Heaven” version of Swamp Thing living alone in a pocket universe. How does Maxine Baker/Animal Woman keep her large animals fed? The absence of a higher power, yet the