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Renaud Frequently Asked Questions

Is that Autobot Stratosphere in G.I. Joe: Special Missions (2013) #3? 

    Yes, it is. I was Paul Gulacy's toy reference guy for most of his run on Special Missions.

You ran the CTLP? 

    Yes, the Complete Transformers Listing Page, it linked to every single Transformers website on the internet. I kept it updated and dead links free for years and years. A titanesque task.

Who was The Myth on the CTLP? 

    The Myth was my nickname for the youngest Transformers webmaster in the world. Today, he must be in his early 30s. Time flies. 

You started a petition for G1 reissues? 

    Yes, in the late 90s. My online petition was signed by hundreds and hundreds of Transformers fans who wanted Hasbro to rerelease Generation One toys from the 80s. 

Is that you credited on the Inhumanoids: The Complete Series - 2 Disc Set? 

    Yes, I supplied all the scans for it.

Over the years you've helped multiple major online retailers and publishers sell Transformers and G.I. Joe products?

    Yes. Being a consultant. Adding exclusive products to online shops, listing toys correctly in online stores and promoting products on my websites.

Is that you credited on the 2003 Madman Entertainment DVD of Transformers: The Movie?  

    Yes, I was the cover consultant.

You hosted and ran Robert N. Skir's website?

    Yes. It promoted the computer-animated television series Beast Machines: Transformers by Mainframe Entertainment and Hasbro Studios.

Did you initiate a newsgroup proposal/Request for Discussion/RFD to create new Transformers worldwide newsgroups in the recreation and entertainment hierarchy?

    Yes, in 1998. I wanted to significantly increase the reach of Transformers fandom on Usenet.

You ran a Lance Henriksen facebook page? 

    Yes, from 2011 to 2014. It promoted his biography, comic book and films.

You ran

    Yes, the very first Transformers mega news site. It had the largest links page in the world, a chat room, coupons/promo codes that actually worked, various Japanese cartoon screen captures, an MP3 archive, TV scripts and much more. The blueprint for many copycat websites. 

You ran

    Yes, it was my futile attempt to transform the CTLP into a searchable web directory of every single Transformers website on the internet grouped into categories. With the advent of Google and the rise of evil/jealousy within fandom, I decided to close the site down.

Did you ever have an alt on your bulletin board?  

    Nope, I never had one.

Did you ever impersonate anyone on your bulletin board? 

    No, never. I've always been a professional.

Has anyone ever impersonated you at conventions?  

    Sadly, Yes, multiple times. Always ask for identification, if you're not sure who you are conversing with at cons.

Mass bannings on your bulletin board? When did that happen? 

    Never, but somehow the legend still grows to this day. Back in the early days of Bottalk, instead of doing my schoolwork, I would delete all bogus accounts from the board to keep the database clean and efficient. Sometimes I would delete hundreds of accounts registered with fake emails and/or offensive usernames per day.

Why Harlock as an avatar on your bulletin board? 

    Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978 TV series) is my favorite anime and Harlock is actually a good person persecuted by many. It fit perfectly. 

Why was my expletive replaced by RRRR on your bulletin board? 

    It made you sound like a pirate, instead of a, you know...

Why did you close down your bulletin board? 

    I was now running Bottalk, the first official Transformers message board at a loss and my web host went out of business. I'd been moderating for over 25 years, it was time to move on to other things. 

Are you a Hockey player? 

    No, I'm a former soccer champion.

Do you speak French? 


Have I been mispronouncing your name for 29 years? 


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