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Conan the Barbarian #1 (2023) review

Jim Zub's Conan Zombie story bored me to tears.

What I did not like:

Not enough story. I felt unsatiated at the end of the issue.

The aping of Big John Buscema is disrespectful. Please find your own voice, Roberto De La Torre.

Too much hemoglobin. Conan is not a gore comic.

Mediocre colours. This really should have been printed only in B&W.

Badly drawn bare orbs. Make sure you know how to draw the female form before showing us anything.

Maimed maiden. You see, I'm weird that way, I prefer my women with 2 eyes.

Conan paying for damages.

Conan acting like a perfect gentleman.

Conan using a freaking napkin!

Conan running TOWARDS the supernatural.

Reminding us that young Conan killed an innocent bear just to feel like a big man. Lame!

The Living Dead? It's been done already, let it rest.

Plagues. In 2023, NOBODY wants to read a story about plagues.

The amateurish art used for REH and his ages undreamed of.

The embarrassing cover by Mignola.

What I did like:

Conan The Barbarian #0 was a full comic AND free to download.

Evil Dead II and Night of the Living Dead homages.

A new monthly Conan comic to support!

The covers by Artgerm and Dan Panosian.

A letters page!

I give it a 5/10

If we find out next issue that the wizard behind the Zombies is called Georgius A. Cromero, I'll definitely be dropping this book from my pull list.

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