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Predator Versus Wolverine #4 review

Predator: The Original Screenplay adaptation by Jeremy Barlow and Patrick Blaine is still not available to buy from The House of Ideas. Have mercy, Marvel!

Should you stick around for Percy's PvW #4, the very last issue of PvW? Dudes and dudettes let us find out who's the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

This issue: The Predator visits Logan-san in Japan. The Predator attempts to kill Charles Xavier, destroys X-Mansion, tries to kidnap Wolverine but is thwarted by gifted teenagers.

Wolverine decides to hide in a bush for a full week in the "Canadian wilderness". Our favourite x-man is waiting for his extraterrestrial playmate to show up for his stolen helmet. The Predator finally arrives, puts his old helmet on and leaves his homemade bear-skull headgear full of alien tech on the ground for anyone to pick up. To catch his prey, Wolverine puts one of his own blue eyes in a human shaped pile of mud. He leaps down on the Predator, but out of admiration, refuses to kill him. The Predator destroys himself while embracing his Canuck obsession.

Naturally Wolverine survives the deadly blast. A now deeply depressed regenerated Wolverine misses his recently atomized chum, but he also feels merry that his Yautja buddy left him a trophy (the ceremonial blade last seen piercing our hero) as a souvenir. End.

What I did like:

Japanese Transformers artist Kei Zama is the only reason to buy this issue! Multiple copies would be best. You must support, Kei! She's one of us.

What I did not like:

No Predator vs the ninjas of The Hand by Kei Zama! Could’ve been awesome!

Censored swearing.

Pointless self-mutilation only used for shock value.

Again, just Canada. It's a big place Canada, be more specific, it's actually offensive to a Canadian. Shame on you, Superstar writer Benjamin Percy.

The Predator is not interested in adamantium anymore. Who cares. Not important. Buy all the variant covers!

Immortal madman Muramasa is not nonplussed that a giant space monster wants to rumble with Logan. Maybe it happens all the time in Japan?

It's Shōrin-ryū not Shōrin-riyū. Get it straight.

The Predator would obviously be using Jeet Kune Do and not Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Percy must be a casual fan of mixed martial arts and clearly not a connoisseur.

Scraw? Scraw? That's all we get from the Predator for this ultimate issue. The same word, twice. Pathetic!

Wolverine admires his Yautja opponent, yet the Predator is persistently portrayed as a poltroon and a dishonourable hunter. Dumb.

Wolverine is a Yautja expert, but is completely unaware that Predators run around with self-destruct devices.

The Yautja ceremonial dagger would have been destroyed by the blast. The point is to leave no tech or evidence behind.

No radiation sickness for Wolverine.

Wolvie Trivia: Wolverine can grow a full head of hair and bushy sideburns in just days.

Wolverine mentioning that being in deadly danger makes him feel more alive. But the diminutive Canadian knows full well that he can't be killed. Dumb.

NO homages this issue! Zero! No Peter Cullen cameo? No Jean-Claude Van Damme cameo? Nope. We get nothing. Percy was probably getting tired, bored or both.

It's makes you feel, not makes yo feel.

Incompetent editors: Lindsey Cohick and Sarah Brunstad did a very poor job on this mini-series.

I give it a 1/10. Snikt! PREDATOR VS. WOLVERINE, the bloodthirsty saga we had been waiting for forever is finally over, bub! I'm scared, Poncho. Someone at Disney gave a bevy of Benjamins to Percy to write this mediocre mini. That Someone should be fired, immediately. Do it, Disney! Do it, Disney! Why did you write that twice? You see, it's because of the echo. Scraw!

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