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Planet Of The Apes: Fall Of Man review

aka La Planète des Singes: La fin des Hommes

Collecting Planet of The Apes (2023) #1-5.

Planet Of The Apes #5 finishes with the following epitaph: "This is the end for now..."

And I say: Good! A repetitive, repetitive, nasty, boring comic book that went nowhere finally comes to its merciful end.

The disappointing Planet Of The Apes comic from The House of Ideas featured 2 tales: a much too coordinated Militia murdering apes AND the story of a Gorilla soldier leading his guerrilla comrades.

What I did NOT like:

NO James Franco!

NO Dr. Zaius!

Disrespecting the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France.

A pandemic thriller with no thrills that fixates on fanaticism and hate.

Mainstream heavy metal bands referenced too many times.

The frequent time hopping.

Trained soldiers unaware that apes can communicate via sign language.

Incompetent people in power.

Executions without due process of law.

A multitude of simians with toilet seats around their necks.

No letters page! Lazy editors can't be bothered.

What I did like: 

Exposing misinformation.

Naming the circus after Arthur P. Jacobs.

Gorilla Pug speaking French is a nice nod to the original source novel by Pierre Boulle.

Beautiful attention grabbing covers by Joshua Cassara, including one that could be homaging The Bridge on the River Kwai, also by Boulle.

A cover by Yanick Paquette.

I give it a 2/10. I really wanted to go ape, but it did not happen. 

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