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Swamp Thing: Green Hell review

Yes, I slogged through Jeff Lemire's boggy story. A tale that ignored its target audience.

Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, not Alec Holland as advertised, is brought back to our realm in a post-apocalyptic future to fight an evil, goofy looking Swamp avatar and masses of gruesome monsters. That's pretty much it.

Why was such a simple story told in 3 expensive Black Label books? I have no clue. Actually, I do, it's called: Green aka Money.

What I did NOT like:

NO Anton Arcane!!!

A forgettable, unimaginative villain.

A vulnerable avatar of the green.

That weird perverted paradise dimension where Swamp Thing "lives" with his forever young wife and child.

His wife still with him and his daughter not a full grown woman insults long time Swamp Thing readers.

I much prefer the more credible retired “My Blue Heaven” version of Swamp Thing living alone in a pocket universe.

How does Maxine Baker/Animal Woman keep her large animals fed?

The absence of a higher power, yet the devil is present.

Could DC still be nervous about the divine? Prove me wrong DC and print the excellent "Morning of the Magician" by Rick Veitch and Michael Zulli.

John Constantine not rewarded/saved for his ultimate sacrifice is lame.

Constantine's final fate is left unknown. This is extremely cowardly.

Parlements getting eradicated. Learning from your mistakes is not permitted. No forgiveness. Death is better? Again, lame.

The little girl magically getting earth powers.

The inconsistent art and designs.

What I did like:

My favorite movie monster from the 80s, The Deadly Spawn (1983) appears in disguise.

We got 3 new Swamp Thing comics with some very nice variant covers.

I give it a 3/10. I was not in Swamp Thing heaven.

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