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Le Grand Rouge (New Edition) review

It's Wouzit's time to shine! Who is this Wouzit? It's actually Pierre Tissot and he's just rejuvenated his fantastically delightful and famous The Great Red (Le Grand Rouge) to mesmerize a new generation of readers. This graphic novel is also a great way to practice your French.

The self-taught Mr. Tissot has been honing his craft for years now. Fans have watched him bloom into a mature craftsman and this new amended/expanded/completely redrawn edition that sports thirty extra pages, shows off his improved story telling skills on every single page.

Ivan Barnave, our influenceable protagonist is a scammer that prefers to paint the town red, your typical red-headed stepchild without a red cent to his name... and now, sadly, he has blood on his hands.

Sentenced to death Ivan clumsily escapes his captors... but ends up stranded on a strange island. Miles away from civilization, surrounded by a fauna that is disturbing and equally dangerous, he quickly becomes lost in the isle's lush paradise of foreign flora. You'll feel flush when our hero is almost eaten alive by a red meat craving Venus flytrap on steroids.

Is Wouzit's revised red-blooded Memento-like ecological tale of New World mysteries now filled to the brim with red herrings? NO, it's just better constructed, more compelling and richer of personalities.

Neophytes will finally understand why Wouzit enthusiasts have been seeing red for more than a decade that Le Grand Rouge is still not yet adapted to film in France.

Editions Dupuis really rolled out the red carpet for us! When it comes to presentation and print job, this new edition is light years away from the previous Manolosanctis one from 2011. It's a beautiful, colourful book that will surely make likeminded bookworms on your commute red with envy.

You'll relish being caught red-handed reading this ruby of a book.

I give it a 9/10. The cover could have been less busy and more eye-catching.

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