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Predator Versus Wolverine #1 review

Wolverine, unlike Benjamin Percy, is very well versed in Predator movies. A big fan! The diminutive Canadian has streamed them all on small screens, multiple times. He also clearly read all the Dark Horse comics, even the unpublished Predator: The Original Screenplay adaptation by Jeremy Barlow and Patrick Blaine.

Logan knows everything about the demons who make trophies of men, even that they are called the Yautja and Marvel's favourite son is not impressed. LOL.

What I did like:

Old Painless makes an appearance. Kinda.

Krull (1983) homage.

The Predator (1987) score by Alan Silvestri was playing in my head.

Predator vs Wolverine #3 will feature art by Japanese Transformers artist superstar Kei Zama!

What I did not like:

A big cat would stay clear from a weird 7 foot tall alien wearing fishnet and a metal codpiece.

A dead Predator still holding his own weapon? AND the weapons that killed him are still stuck to him? LOL

No Peter Cullen cameo!

No Anna Gonsalves!

No Franco Columbu medic!

Killing animals that bring no sport at all. Extremely lame!

A hunter disrespecting his kill. Both Marvel editors should get fired for this.

A Predator only strings up skinned humans. It's an intimidation tactic.

Wolverine not frightened/curious that he's got green fluorescent blood on his claws or that he's fighting an extraterrestrial being.

What looks more ridiculous, the brightly coloured black ops "Team X" or their idiotic artillery?

A Predator riding a killer whale was probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen in a Marvel comic.

The price! $7.99 is completely insane for Greg Land's "art"! It should be free, just like Willy!

I give it a 1/10. An Orca (1977) vs Predator comic in 2024 written by Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer? Do it, Disney. I double predator dog dare you! Anytime... Anytime...

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