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Another Transformers #1 (2023) review

Explore! Explore! Repair! Repair! Review! Review! Spoilers! Spoilers!

Carly and a grieving Spike Witwicky discover the Autobot Ark. The Shuttle is full to the gills with deactivated G1 Transformers. Jetfire (last seen in Void Rivals #1) arrives to reactivate Teletraan One. He chooses his long time friend Starscream to be repaired first...

What I did like:

A letters page!

Is that the G.I. Joe Crusader Space Shuttle?

Optimus Prime is using pro wrestling moves. Is Daniel Warren Johnson a sports entertainment aficionado? Yes he is and we are smelling what he's cooking and it's just too sweeeeeet.

Ratchet utilizing flying kicks is actually cartoon accurate.

Carly is a Frazetta Girl!

The transformations are fantastically drawn.

The Autobot Ark never looked this amazingly detailed.

Soundwave using his shoulder batteries cannon is a rare treat. Thank you!

Soundwave caring about Ravage. If you have pets, you know.

Optimus Prime running towards us is very Sunbow Productions. Bravo!

Optimus Prime's expressions are one hundred percent on point.

Putting everyone in Optimus Prime's trailer is absurd, but also smart, because it's a repair bay.

I think I saw Bumper, my favorite minicar, among the deactivated Autobots. A guy can dream!

The killing of Bumblebee, Hasbro's golden boy, is extremely ballsy. Maybe it's time to finally change the company's name from Skybound Entertainment to Skyballsy Entertainment.

What I did not like:

This story treads too much in the déjà vu realm of More than Meets the Eye.

Ratchet calling Prime, Optimus. It should be Prime. Always.

The art is an acquired taste. The humans do look especially rough compared to the meticulously detailed Transformers.

The Autobot symbols need work.

The briefs on Skywarp and Starscream bother me. Too baggy.

No Megatron? No Shockwave? No Thunderwing? No Arcee? Only toys from 1984-1985?

Killing humans is a real turn off. Do humans interrogate ants? NO. They ignore the ants.

It's Ejection not Activation.

It should be "Raaaavaaaage!!" and not just "NO--". Soundwave has feelings too, dog.

It's Optics not Eyes.

More Buzzsaw, less Laserbeak.

More Frenzy, less Rumble.

Sparkplug Witwicky is a drunk instead of a rock.

No cover by Geoff Senior!

No cover by Tom Scioli!

Spike Witwicky's future wife Carly looks too much like him. I would pay a visit to just to make sure, Spike.

I give it an 8/10. After all I've said and dumped on, Transformers #1 still has the touch and the power to surprise. 

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