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Another Transformers #2 (2023) review

Spoilers! Spoilers! 

The merciless Starscream ices soldier Frosting, this pisses off Channing Tatum... oops, I mean Hauser so much so that he will start his own secret military science fiction unit: G.I. Joe. Conrad is calling his Ninja croupier friend in Vegas: Snake Eyes, right now.

Starscream squished his best friend, now a sober, somber Sparkplug Witwicky wants retribution.

Could Starscream be correct? Are the Autobots actually pure evil? Yes! They want to dominate the human race? Yes!

The malevolent Optimus Prime kills a fawn, oh dear, and does not bury it!

The hypocrite leader of the Autobots clearly cries bogus tears for the baby deer and the fallen Bumblebee. Crocodile tears from the one also called Alligaticon!

Never forget that Prime murdered Teletraan One (see last issue), to stop it from reviving more upstanding and decent Decepticons, but also to keep it quiet, naturally, loose spaceship lips sink ships you know.

The foul Cliffjumper fakes that he's afraid and unaware of humans, then he immediately Freudian slips by using the term "Man".

Stop sleeping, people, wake up and see the truth! Put the sunglasses on! Put 'em on!

What I did like:

Lost Themes albums by John Carpenter mentioned.

Pro wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi mentioned.

FIRST APPEARANCE of DUKE in the Energon Universe! This comic will surely appreciate exponentially in value.

Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969) homage.

#WhereIsMegatron? He's in a glorious eye-popping flashback, finally.

SEGA After Burner arcade game homage!

Laserbeak is a Frank Frazetta fan.

What I did not like:

NO Rumble! Where did he eject to? Maybe he's boycotting the comic like his cassette comrades Frenzy, Enemy and Buzzsaw.

Still no Shockwave!

The art is still an acquired taste. The humans still look especially creepy.

The briefs on Skywarp and Starscream are getting bigger, bro. Diapers they are not.

No cover by Geoff Senior!

No cover by Tom Scioli!

I give it an 8/10. Autobots... there is more, much more going on than meets the eye here. It’s True. It’s True.

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