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Predator Versus Wolverine #3 review

Predator: The Original Screenplay adaptation by Jeremy Barlow and Patrick Blaine is still not on the stands... but don't be too sad, there's a comic out there waiting for you, it's PvW #3 and it features some spectacular Zama art!

This issue: It's not very clear but apparently the Predator is now pining for adamantium, the indestructible metal bonded to our diminutive hero. Since the Predator isn't talking it's kinda hard to tell.

What I did like:

Japanese Transformers artist superstar Kei Zama is the reason to buy the book! Multiple copies would be best. You've got to support, Kei! Okay?

Pilot is a Schwarzenegger homage.

Other Pilot is a Carl Weathers homage.

NO Xenomorph in the trophy room. Makes sense since the Predator in this story is a cowardly pullet.

Reverse-engineering a Predator mask.

What I did not like:

A Predator killing a sleeping prey. Hard to swallow. Even if the Yautja is lusting for revenge.

Filleting a comatose Logan gives out barely any blood? Wolverine ain't got time to bleed? My pussycat scratches me and plasma spurts all over the place.

Wolverine knows the name Yautja,

The Yautja melts Wolverine's brain with acid. I'm sorry, but Wolvie would be dead.

Wolverine gets spewed out stark naked into outer space. I'm sorry, but Wolvie would be dead.

The Canadian mutant survives an uncontrolled atmospheric entry and a fall back to Earth? Sure. LOL. Nothing on this Earth could have lived.

A Predator helmet can withstand an uncontrolled atmospheric entry? Just like my Timex watch, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking? LOL.

Again just Canada. It's a big place Canada, be more specific, it's actually offensive to a Canadian.

You didn't name a pilot Sven-Ole Thorsen or Franco Columbu? Percy, you don't know your Arnie?

Still no Jean-Claude Van Damme homage!

I give it a 4/10. A really ridiculous comic that could be so much better, so much cleverer. Leave your brain in the wild North, you won't need it.

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