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Beware the Planet of the Apes #4 review

The all-new PREQUEL to the original simian sci-fi classic from 1968 is finally over.

Cornelius frees the Gibbon slaves from their gigantic prison.

Our favourite hippie chimpanzee Lucius saves his aunt Zira from being trampled by horses.

The Hominidae empire is actually planning an invasion of Ape City.

Nova kills Sergeant Audhild.

Mutant leader Ivana makes Colonel Jarl see insects, he runs away. 

The Gibbons do not want to fight the Gorillas, Cornelius tries to motivate them with a stirring "Caesar" speech.

Surrounded by Gorillas, Sniper Kennard wants to retreat, Ivana says no. Nova wants to fight some more.

Cornelius attacks with his Gibbon allies.

Ivana avenges Lyla.

Cornelius runs away with Lucius and Zira.

The Gibbons win the day, Ivana wants Colonel Jarl to order his troops to surrender, he refuses.

Ivana takes control of Jarl and the Colonel orders his soldiers to stand down.

Ivana sends the gorillas to the gigantic Gibbon prison.
Back at Hope's Point (the ruins of Yankee Stadium). Ivana tells our heroes that the Hominidae empire is done, but that apes are still a threat to her community.

Ivana uses her mind-controlling powers to tinker with the minds of Zira, Lucius and Cornelius. They will remember nothing of their Hominidae empire adventure, but their subconscious minds will remain affected.

Ivana doesn't meddle with Nova's mind. Nova will somehow bring the unconscious bodies of Zira, Lucius and Cornelius back to Ape City on horseback.
Back at Ape City. Dr. Zaius is sure that Zira and Cornelius are lying to him. Lucius and Nova are nowhere to be found.

Dr. Zaius goes outside and sees a shooting star, i.e., the Icarus/Liberty 1 spaceship entering Earth's atmosphere.

What I did not like:

Nova is now a murderer.

Where did Lucius and Nova go? Who cares?

Did Kennard actually get records on Mendez? No? Yes? Who cares?

That cheaply made Gibbon prison won't be holding gorillas for long.

Astronaut Maryann Stewart's visage is censored. Why? 

Only ONE variant cover (by Ramon Rosanas & Rachelle Rosenberg) this time around? Pathetic!

No blue suit or Mego white-brown outfit for Dr. Zaius.

4 issues and we never got to see the statue of the Lawgiver. Lame!

I give it a 1/10. We do get a nice cover by Taurin Clarke! A truly embarrassing mini-series. Shame on you Marvel/Disney, instead of printing drivel that nobody wants to read, you should have adapted the unpublished scripts of Doug Moench: Forbidden Zone Prime, The Captive of the Canals, To meet the Makers and Derek Zane + Faron in Journey to the Planet of the Apes!

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