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Sons of Star Trek #2 review

After being destroyed multiple times Jake, Nog and Alexander begin the next redo of their alternate universe adventure... only this time everyone is frozen in place.  QJ appears and explains to the trio that he is a new kind of Q and wants to do things differently.  He can see that they are at a personal crossroad and wants to help.  The universe resumes and after trying to explain their situation to Captain Dukat, Tuvix mind melds with Alexander.  Tuvix confirms their story and with Jadzia, they come up with a plan to defeat the Breen.  After a short space battle the Breen ship is destroyed.

As Jake and Alexander converse, Tuvix comes bursting into the scene under attack by Breen soldiers.  Alexander manages to charge the Breen and eliminate them... only for the next wave of soldiers to beam in.

We get a bit more of exactly why QJ is doing this.  But only a small bit.  The crew still feels a weird jumble of characters from the different shows.  Shaw from season three of Picard shows up for a few panels.  As does Morn.  It all feels a bit fractured, and with the time loop broken what are we left with?  The three sons attempting to learn a lesson while QJ smirks in the corner.  It feels somewhat directionless.  Almost random.  but, I am curious to see where it goes.  

six out of ten.

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