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Energon Universe 2024 Special #1 review

This is free, right?

Oh totes! The FCBD Energon Universe Special contains three FREE stories- one for Transformers, one for Void Rivals, and one for G.I.Joe! The Transformers tale, written by Daniel Warren Johnson with pencils by Ryan Ottley, focuses on Megatron and how he ended up in Cobra-La custody. The Void Rivals tale, written by Robert Kirkman with pencils by Lorenzo De Felici, catches us up with our pal the Skuxxoid after his run-in with the Quintessons and introduces another classic Transformers character into the mix. Finally, the G.I. Joe tale, written by Joshua Williamson with pencils by Jason Howard, has Duke on a recruitment mission for his new team.

All three tales seem rather important to their respective titles and hint towards where the story of the larger Energon Universe is headed and the closer intersection of these three properties.

So should I pick it up?

Did you not hear me? This is a completely free comic, so of course you should pick it up if you see it! If you’re really enjoying the Energon Universe, this is kind of an essential read too, as it fills in some holes and teases for the future.

And what are they CHARGING for this free comic?

Uh, it’s free. The only ones who pay are the ones NOT enjoying the Energon Universe stuff so far and I… well, let’s say I’m still kinda on the fence as far as story is concerned, but I certainly am having some fun reading new instalments of Transformers and Void Rivals. G.I. Joe is not really for me, but I must admit that the tale here sets up an intriguing premise that perhaps borrows something from the live action movies.

I also thought it was neat to see Ryan Ottley draw Transformers, as I’ve mostly known his work from Invincible and Amazing Spider-Man. I wouldn’t mind seeing him take another swing at the franchise in the future as long as it is under the stewardship of his boy Kirkman. I’m a little annoyed that once again, DWJ seemingly cavalierly kills off another fan-beloved character in the Transformers tale, but perhaps that’s not permanent.

How would I cube this free comic that is free?

It’s hard to really argue with a free comic, and while I still have old grumpy fan reservations about the story, I think this is a good get if you see it. Like I said, if you are really 100% behind the Energon Universe, this is a must-have.

FCBD is already over, so if you missed it, you might have to put down some actual non-free currency for this, but if you can get it for its suggested free price, go for it!

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