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Star Trek: Celebrations review

"The Knight Errand” by Steve Orlando, Lauren Knight and JP Jordan
“Lady Luck” by Vita Ayala and Liana Kangas
“Facemaker” by Mags Visaggio, Tench and JP Jordan
“Innovation Interruption” by Stephanie Williams and Denny Minonne
“Risian Rendezvous” by Hannah Rose May, Jack Lawrence and Rebecca Nalty

Our first story is set in the Kelvin Timeline as Sulu tells Demora a story where the Enterprise crew are knights.  Sulu engages in a duel to the death and wins, completing his bedtime story for young Demora.  The second story features Seven and Raffi and involves poker and some less than friendly members of Starfleet.  The next story is Christine Chapel working with Doctor Phlox very briefly.  Next we get Jett Reno and Paul Stamets as they solve a problem.  The final story sees Beckett Mariner on Risa for the Festival of the Moon.  

I wish there were more to the Chapel story as it feels very short, though Phlox showing up was a nice treat.  The Seven of Nine story, unfortunately, feels the weakest.  Though I could easily see it included on an episode of Picard.  Not a compliment.  It just has that smear of nonsense that tries to say something and be endearing but completely fails.  Sulu's story is cute.  The Discovery story I admittedly feel nothing towards, as I quit watching that show after season three.  It feels hard to really connect with these stories, they feel so abrupt.  Instead of five very short stories I'd maybe focus on two.  

six out of ten.

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