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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - The Scorpius Run #5 review

The Enterprise, broken into pieces, floats in space. Pike and the bridge crew try to get a handle on the situation... but Mr. Spock manages to restore the ship. Eventually, they manage a work around the rules of the race. Only one ship can win, so the remaining ships fuse together and win. The different aliens work together and save the day. This was a mess. The destroyed Enterprise floating in space is... absurd. It makes the nitpicker in me scream internally. How does this even work? And no one died? Then the ship gets fused back together... and the other ships join as well. It's silly. It's like something from an old cartoon. You even have the main villain shouting "This I command!" like he's Serpentor or something. This entire mini was a waste of time. But at least the art was nice. five out of ten.

Beware the Planet of the Apes #1 review

Is this a banana daiquiri recipe book? No, it's a comic book. Is this a Planet of the Aches adaptation? Be serious, No. Is this an adaptation of Pierre Boulle's screenplay La Planète des Hommes by Dana Gould? Sadly, No. An all-new PREQUEL to the original simian sci-fi classic from 1968? Yes. Far from Ape City, we find our favourite hippie chimpanzee Lucius connecting with nature next to a giant tree. He saves Nova from a Gorilla patrol helmed by the helmeted General Ursus (Played excellently by James Gregory in Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)). Suddenly, a giant someone looms over Lucius. The next day, Lucius's aunt Zira is worried about her nephew's disappearance. Her fiancé Cornelius goes looking for Lucius, but finds Nova instead. Nova "tells him" that Lucius was taken into the Forbidden Zone aka The radioactive ruins of New York City. A vexed and remorseful Dr. Zaius forbids Cornelius from venturing into the Zone... because it's Forbidden. As we

Conan The Barbarian #6 (2023) review

Don't cover my six, Iceman! So much nudity in issue 6, so much nakedness. Maybe the most "au naturel" Conan comic ever printed? Bêlit in the buff. Chaundra in the buff. Conan in the buff. Even the winged monster is in the buff. Everybody get naked! Should I follow suit and review this "Not suggested for immature readers" issue in my birthday suit? My Mezco Toyz Solomon Kane action figure (with its inaccurate red sash. It should be green!) next to me is shaking its Puritan head "NO". Thrice Marked for Death! part deux: The CURSED!... the adaptation of the Steven Seagal movie that never was continues or maybe it is still just the continuation of a gory Queen of the Black Coast sequel by Jim Zub. Seeing his she-devil of the sea as a Force ghost made Conan a believer in the afterlife. Preferring to partake in violent heists instead of trying to seek psychiatric assistance in Shadizar the Wicked our tormented Cimmerian from the Hyborian age is still hanging

Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon review

Star Trek: Picard's Academy #4 review

Picard and the cadets beam up to the ship and prepare for their test. As the test begins Picard gives his first 'Engage'. Romulans beam on board and the cadets work together to overcome them. The situation is far from over as five Romulan ships lay in wait. None of the Starfleet vessels look even remotely like anything that would be around during Picard's academy days. The Romulan ships are passable, but the Starfleet ships stick out like a sore thumb. It's not even a question of art style. There was just no thought put into it. six out of ten.

Predator Versus Wolverine #4 review

Predator: The Original Screenplay adaptation by Jeremy Barlow and Patrick Blaine is still not available to buy from The House of Ideas. Have mercy, Marvel! Should you stick around for Percy's PvW #4, the very last issue of PvW? Dudes and dudettes let us find out who's the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. This issue: The Predator visits Logan-san in Japan. The Predator attempts to kill Charles Xavier, destroys X-Mansion, tries to kidnap Wolverine but is thwarted by gifted teenagers. Wolverine decides to hide in a bush for a full week in the "Canadian wilderness". Our favourite x-man is waiting for his extraterrestrial playmate to show up for his stolen helmet. The Predator finally arrives, puts his old helmet on and leaves his homemade bear-skull headgear full of alien tech on the ground for anyone to pick up. To catch his prey, Wolverine puts one of his own blue eyes in a human shaped pile of mud. He leaps down on the Predator, but out o

Another Duke #1 review

Yo Joe? Uh… not yet. This is Duke # 1, a brand-new comic series published by Skybound Entertainment and starring the non-ninja frontman of G.I. Joe, Conrad Hauser AKA Duke! With Robert Kirkman’s Void Rivals having launched Skybound’s new Energon Universe, G.I. Joe is the second Hasbro property to take its place in this new world after Transformers. Rather than a typical G.I. Joe team book, they’ve opted to do solo Duke and Cobra Commander books to lead it off. After making his debut in Transformers # 2, Duke’s all set to go on his own adventure. He witnessed Starscream transform and kill his comrade Tyler Frost in that issue, but now finds himself the victim of a cover-up as the US government flat-out denies the existence of transforming alien jets! What’s a Duke to do but go rogue and try and uncover a conspiracy that has coiled its way deep under the surface of America? Yo… Larry Hama? Nope, Larry Hama’s doing his own thing, so if you’re looking for more traditional Joe fare, go chec

Universal Monsters: Dracula #3 review

At Lucy's funeral Mina and Johnathon stand in the rain. Dracula is spotted, but he will not enter the grounds. In the asylum Lucy and Renfield have a conversation, much to her father's consternation. As Dr. Seward and Van Helsing discuss the situation Dracula sinks his teeth into Mina. Again, I feel I have little to say about the actual events of the issue. There are differences with the source material... but I feel like that is a given. So many versions of Dracula exist, each with its own changes and nuances. The art is the absolute highlight of this series. Some pages feel completely soaked with blood. The feeling of dread and foreboding radiates off the pages. Even something simple as Mina in the rain feels otherworldly. eight out of ten.

Duke #1 review

Creators : Joshua Williamson (Writer), Tom Reilly (Artist), Jordie Bellaire (Colourist), Rus Wooton (Letterer) Plot : We get a brief history of Duke's exploits in the US Army while he's talking to Colonel Hawk, who is concerned about Duke's recent change due to an event where he saw a friend of his killed by a transforming jet but the government is covering it up and Duke just wants answers. He eventually meets up with Dr. Adele Burkhart and together, try to find some answers about possible aliens or high technology. With her help, he infiltrates M.A.R.S. Industries and sees the high-tech war machines that they are producing. He fights Mercer who, along with the other guards, kicks Duke out after ruffing him up a bit. Duke returns to Dr. Burkhart's house to find it ransacked and she is near death but passes what "whoever did that to her" was after to him. After a run in with the police, Duke runs off. Colonel Hawk decides to find Duke and wants the best to do

Solomon Kane: The Hound of God review

eBook by Jonathan Maberry Cover by Guillem H. Pongiluppi Illustrations by Patrick Zircher From Titan Books and Heroic Signatures Spoilers! Spoilers! Very loosely based on the real life of Thiess of Kaltenbrun aka the Livonian werewolf. Swedish Livonia, near the Baltic Sea, 1598 AD, about a couple of years after the events of "The Return of Sir Richard Grenville". Solomon stumbles upon a strange massacre: a farming community decimated by Kurt Grieg, a Nachzehrer from Austria and his gang of brigands. Will Kane file a grievance with the state of New York or will he unleash a world of hurt on the demonic Kurt? Will the villagers be avenged? Will our heroes get to the chopper on time? You'll have to download the ebook to find out. It's a well-researched narrative that lifts the veil on the secrets of the benandanti werewolves of Italy. We discover that these "Good Walkers" are actually benevolent Catholic lycanthropes that serve God. Each born with a caul, a mas

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #302 review

Creators : Larry Hama (Writer), Chris Mooneyham (Artist), Francesco Segala (Colorist), Sabrina Del Grosso (Flatter), Pat Brosseau (Letterer) Plot : Serpentor begins his plans with his new, mutated, forces, to invade Springfield. In Arlington, the Joe team buries one of their own (killed in the last issue) with full military decorations. In Springfield, Cobra Commander addresses the citizens and prepares them for Serpentor's eventual invasion. In New Jersey, Revanche is monitoring the Serpentor/Cobra situation. Back at the G.I. Joe headquarters, they too are monitoring the Cobra situation and explain why their fallen ally was given such a burial (due to his history with Stalker, Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes in Southeast Asia). At Snake-Eye's cabin, Timber's wolf pack drops off a puppy for them as they talk about the future. Story : This is another set-up issue. We get to see what the major story-arc is going to be going forward (Cobra vs. Serpentor's mutated forces) and h

Star Trek #15 review

Over drinks Harry tells Tom that he misses Voyager. After they returned from the Delta Quadrant he didn't fit in on other ships and started taking on other, bigger jobs. As the attack begins the Tzenkethi, Starfleet and Romulans battle the attackers. In the end, Sisko is literally stabbed in the back by the Romulan Commander. This was a solid issue. We learn more of the Tzenkethi, specifically that the attackers are their evolutionary ancestors. The conversation between Harry and Tom is nice, and I really like this characterization of Harry. It fits and isn't extreme or over the top. Facing the impossible and trying to survive daily for seven years changed him from a naive ensign. As a fan of the Romulans I find them underused in this issue... though the final page certainly has an impact. seven out of ten.